The other Mp3 plug in -141 mpg!

My drive to work is 45 miles each way. It's the price you pay for living out in the country and working in the city. Most of the time it never bothers me. It's two lanes with hills and banked turns along the Columbia River. It is often stunningly beautiful when the sun is setting in silver, pink and purple, or when you round a bend to find a giant ocean going freighter heading up river just thirty yards from the fog line.
Although I haven't owned a motorcycle in the 16 years I've lived here, I've often thought it is the perfect motorcycle road. Two lanes, of twists and turns, not much traffic, beauty in all directions.
Of course, when I arrive at work, I'm in the emergency room, where I get to see what happens when people wreck their motorcycles. Needless to say, it gives me pause.
About a year ago I read about the Piaggio MP3 -- a maxiscooter from the makers of Vespa with three wheels on the road instead of two. Videos of these things show them cornering at wicked angles, the front wheels cambered to always remain in contact with the road. There's less chance of washout, and much better braking with the new configuration. All the benefits of motorcycle riding, with a little more safety to boot. Plus, they are different, and kind of weirdly cool.
Older motorcyclists have picked up the Piaggio MP3 and had some fun with it. Check out the series "No Age Limit" where two guys twice my age take a couple of MP3s from coast to coast. Tell me that doesn't look like fun.
Meanwhile, we have two cars here. A Honda CRV with 130k on it and my F-150. The Honda is all wheel drive and performed perfectly in the snow this past winter. It's a great bad weather commuter and so reliable that Amy and I have said we'll probably never sell it. The Ford is my truck. 'Nuff said. 
So what to do when gas hits $4.80 a gallon again?
Hell for Leather reports this morning that Piaggio with sell a 141 mpg MP3 hybrid. The vehicle can run in four modes including electric only, and electric and gas to give faster acceleration. This would give me a great way to save money during the summer months while blowing by Peak Oil gas prices.
Most importantly, it'd be fun too.

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