New Dog at Dun Elsie

We were lucky enough to get a new dog this week. This dog's life reads like a movie script. He was born on th estreets of Thailand, lost and eye when he was hit by a car. Lost a leg and his tail when he was hit by a train (hencthe name) Brought back to health and to the US by a Vet on a medical mission trip. Finally adopted from Must Love Dogs NW to a nice little family in the country when cows and chickens and  cat named Gus. He's a happy dog, poodle or poodle mix so he doesn't shed. Doesn't bark much (only at the cat). Loves to play tug of war with the girls. He's really the perfect dog for us. Might have to do something about the name, however. Amy sez it is cruel to name an animal after something that once ran it over. I'm thinking maybe we should call him Lucky..

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