Paul Hawken Quotes Me ...

In my former life, I helped create a proto-blog/news service called Tidepool for the non-profit group Ecotrust. Starting from scratch, we built the idea of a human edited news aggregator supplemented by original reporting and insightful commentary. It was fun and a little insane since back in 1997 nobody was doing anything like it.

Of course, in 2004 I went off to become a registered nurse and Tidepool and Ecotrust amicably parted ways soon after. Tidepool went to Northwest Environment Watch, which became the Sightlines Institute and Tidepool has become the Daily Score.

Needless to say, a lot has changed.

To my surprise, however, people are still reading, or a least thinking about all that stuff I wrote so earnestly ten years ago. In his new film "Blessed Unrest" Paul Hawken quote something I wrote way back when:

"It is my belief that we are part of a movement that is greater and deeper and broader than we ourselves know or can know. ... During the span of the 20th century, big ideologies were worshiped like religion. In the words of Ed Hunt, ideologies stalked the earth, clad in armor. They fought for control of our minds and of the land. ... There comes a time for all that is harmful to leave."
That's pretty cool. Anyway, for those wanting to know where that quote came from, I can't remember. However, archives of the two weekly columns I wrote for Tidepool are still on line. Hunt and Peck's archives are Here and the old ebbTIDE can be found Here. Check out a clip from Blessed Unrest

Thanks to Howard Silverman's People and Place for catching Hawken's reference! Howard was my boss in my old life!

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