The GOP Agenda

I've been trying to figure out what the Republican party stands for these days. For a while now, it has been clear that those who control the party want to get rid of everything in the New Deal -- Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, etc. Of course, the national media often dismisses those statements as just things politicians say when playing to the nutjob base.

However, watching Congress -- particularly the Tea Party controlled House -- and it is easy to see that they are fully willing to destroy the Nation -- and end up in Hell -- in an effort to secure power.

1) They want no improvement in the economy before election day because they feel they can take back the White House if the economy is bad. This isn't a secret strategy, they've come right out and said it.
"The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president," Mitch McConnell told National Journal.
2) Thus they oppose any jobs bill or other measures that might put people back to work.
3) In fact, much of their term has been spent trying to lay off hundreds of thousands of government employees -- which would only make the economy, housing market, consumer spending worse.
4) Their solution to the jobs crisis? Eliminate the minimum wage, cut taxes on corporations and capital gains. They don't care that you'll be shopping at the dollar store, they are all millionaires.
5) Rather than raise taxes on millionaires, they want to raise taxes on the poor -- calling them "freeloaders" and "leaches" for not paying any taxes at all -- because they are below the poverty level!

Not only do they want to take us back to before they New Deal -- they want to take us back to the Great Depression!

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