Song for an Old House

What were they thinking?
we ask the ghosts
previous owners
handyman, repair man
helpful neighbors with tools

question and ponder
surprise and wonder
mysteries of forgotten strategies 
longed for yet stillborn 
renovations and repairs

Love, will you?
Honey do
this will do
this will do, for now

how is this house still standing?
when others have crumbled
in the face of the storm
still standing when others
abandoned, uncaring
thorned vines curling
through holes in the walls

crossing the threshold
wide smile and a kiss
remember how empty
how dusty and open
to possibilities
waiting, just waiting
for twigs and ribbons
to make the nest our own

care and tending
painting and sanding
windows and plumbing
dry roof above
wallpaper and carpets
fire in the wood stove 
bread in the oven
as we watch the snow

one small bed, then two
one room pink
one blue
pictures to posters
growth marks on the wall

sleepovers and parties
and how many birthdays
Christmas and Easter
quiet evenings alone

when we grow old
God willing
and others have crumbled
in the face of the storm

newlyweds will question
our ghosts

will make plans and dream 
of repairs and renovations

Love, will you
Honey do
this will do
for now 

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