Forty days of rain

Found this old ball
and here's the glove too.
I don't think they'll ever dry out
Just a few things from my past
drowned in flood
but I ...
I can't let them die

Forty days
and forty nights too
Forty feet high in my mind
Forty years
Forty years and two
God willing, I still have some years left
With you

You can see
the water got this high
highest it has ever been
High water comes
most every year
But we won't see the likes of
this again

Silver light
shines on silt-brown fields
everything is corrupted and dull
little fish
fight for life
attracting a flock of gulls

All we had
was just things you know
and memories, we still have a few
guess we better
start again
Thank God I still have you

Forty years
where'd they go
staring out the window at the
rain rain rain
Forty days Forty nights
Forty years and two
Give me forty years with you.

Forty days of rain
Forty nights
Forty feet high
Forty years
Forty years and two

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